Friday, March 26, 2010

Summer 3 Stage Potty Trainer - White/ Blue

Product By Summer Infant(4 customers reviews)
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Technical Details
  • Potty Chair and Step Stool
  • Contoured Seat for Comfort
  • Features Built-In Toilet Paper Holder
  • Converts into Footstool
  • Fits Standard Shaped Toilets

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Customer Reviews
"Potty chair simple but practical" 2010-02-27
By Nana Kay (Whitehall, PA)
I have read the reviews by people with boys potty training. Not sure why they are having trouble. Seat is simple no bells, voices or scary parts. Wide base for ease of getting on and off, the pee guard does not interfere with my two year old grandson and he gets on and off unaided. The trick to not having a boy pee between any area is to have them lean or sit forward so the aim is downward. Haven't tried the removable seat on the big toilet but I don't expect to need to. My kids went from the potty toilet to big toilet without the in-between step so won't be an issue for me.Liked the larger bowl area not thrilled about the cushioned seat but seemed to be a feature on a lot of potty chairs. Looked at the bjorn but the bowl for disposal was too small could see number 2 being awkward to clean up. Also very clumsy to get on and off unaided, granted it would not tip but hand landing in the potty bowl was foreseeable.Like the toilet roll being near at hand and that he learns to use it. Lid does not interfere with sitting and was far enough back as to not be a crutch to lean on. I have dogs so the closable lid serves two purposes - 1) to keep dogs away until I can clean up 2) teaches my grandson to do what every woman wants the toilet seat down.
I think having the closed base unit a plus for potential accidental spills because it will contain excess and an easy rinse and clean is better than the floor any day. Also will serve as a nice step stool for washing hands at the sink when he is ready.Can't agree folks of all the ones I tried at the stores (multiple stores mind you, Grandpa was not thrilled at fussy grandma) I like this one the best. Get rid of the cushion seat and I'd be really happy.

"Not a good chair for boys!" 2010-01-13
By Shauna (Rockaway, NJ United States)
The pee guard on this awful, my poor little guy has gotten wacked right in the "beans" (thank you to my husband for teaching him that one!) too many times trying to sit down. Not only does it stick up awkwardly, but the plastic is hard and sharp. Although we just started potty training, he won't even sit on it anymore and we've had no luck in getting him to go on this.

"Got rid of it" 2009-04-26
By Jenne Alderks (Seattle WA 98105)
I thought this potty looked great in the beginning but really its set back the whole potty learning process. I got this one because the cushioned seat could be used on the adult toilet, but it is too small and falls in! It scared my little boy to be sitting on something so unstable and it scared him away from the toilet for a while. I also found it very bulky and taking up alot of space. The pee-guard is a good idea but gets in the way for a little boy. Besides, he's taken to standing up to pee in the potty and even though his aim is very good, the shape of the bowl is such that urine drips down and puddles in the bottom of the container. It made for lots of messes. Eventually I gave up on it, I got a seat that actually fit on the toilet and replaced it with a Bjorn Little Potty. Even at the high end stores, the Bjorn still a much better value than this one: small, no where near as messy and much more affordable.

"Not good for boys, might work for girls." 2009-04-17
By Pato R (LA, CA)
Ok, so take what I say with a pinch of salt since my son has not used it and I just got it. That is why I am going to return it.

The pros: It looks ok, my son was definitely interested in using it, it is not expensive and the seat is well cushioned.

The cons: The seat, which in theory adapts to any toilet for latter use is tiny. It can go in the big toilet bowl, so it will NOT work for latter use in a regular toilet seat. The hole in the potty seat is tiny and the green pee guard ends up being too close to the penis so when my son was trying to seat he hurt himself with the green guard (that is why it was not used). I could teach him to hold his penis down and to seat carefully to avoid further pain, but (in my opinion) if potty training is hard work unto itself having this potty is just going to make it harder. If you don't install the green guard thing pee can go everywhere, especially under the seat. This drives me to the last inconvenience I see, the bowl in the potty. The bowl in the potty to catch the pee is shaped like a pitcher. The potty frame has two holes at the front to get the pitcher out and empty it. It is a pincer grip to get the `handle' of the pitcher. However, if pee has gone under the seat then the pee can leak through those holes and into the potty frame... not the pitcher shaped bowl that is supposed to catch the pee. If that happens, it will be hard to clean the whole thing. If the potty frame did not have the holes and had just handles to pull the pitcher out then it would be better.

I think the design is not the best for boys. Though it can work for girls, since there is no pee guard issue... Maybe sticking to something with a simpler design is best for me and my son...

I got this one at Target. I got it there because I wanted to 'see' the potty and buy a good one.... Murphy's law worked for me this time! The pictures in the box don't show all the components or the flaws this potty has. Target should have open pieces for us to see what we are getting. Oh, well. I hope this helps you. :)

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